Specialised High Voltage and High Current Low Voltage Maintenance on Building Installations

Summary of Critical to be Maintained vs. not being Maintained

Definition of Critical Equipment to be Addressed in the Maintenance Program:

  • Transformers
  • Switchgear (Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage)
  • Network Protection (Relays, Current Transformer Primary and Secondary equipment)
  • Cable Testing

Risk of Reactive/Un-planned Maintenance

  • Un-planned outages and total shut downs affect the tenants businesses
  • Insurance claims can be repudiated due to lack of maintenance or history of maintenance in the recorded reporting system
  • Health and safety as well as Fire Hazard and a risk to LIFE and the asset
  • Claims against Landlord from Tenants as well as Customers
  • Possible malfunction when operating the switchgear could cause injury and death to operators of switchgear and might lead to prosecution by the factories inspector through the department of labour
  • Roll on effect - when one component malfunctions it may cause loss of installation in totality and damage to surrounding buildings and private property
  • The functionality of the plant and its protection scheme becomes an unknown factor and is therefore dangerous
  • Initial saving of a no maintenance program being implemented will become a substantial loss to the owner of the asset
  • Any major equipment that fails due to no maintenance has a huge lead time replacement which affects the building occupiers until an expensive temporary solution is found

Advantages of a Pro-Active Maintenance Program

  • Plan your outages with minimum inconvenience to your business
  • Reduce the risk of all claims for non-conformance
  • Minimize and limit any possible mayor outages
  • Pre-determine your yearly budget and expenditure
  • Maintenance Plan should include frequent inspections to identify risk before they occur, repair
    will always cheaper than replacement
  • A Data Base with history of the equipment as well as equipment maintenance records will assist in planning for upgrades and future extensions
  • Monthly housekeeping will ensure the equipment is viewed and checked regularly and will
    ensure early warnings to possible problems that may be developing
  • Ensure adherence to Regulations such as OSHACT and ISO
  • Case Studies over the world all directs to Pro-Active Maintenance as a life and Cost Savings option
  • Supply of electrical testing equipment to electrical supply and electronic utilities companies
  • Demonstration and training for Megger electrical testing equipment

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